Quality Control

All production plants of the KEMOS company have the HACCP system fully introduced.
The aforementioned system includes the manufacturing process of meals and fats during all production stages, starting from delivery of raw materials until the final products are released from the warehouse. The system in question was elaborated taking the following health hazards into account:

  • microbiological – presence of pathogenic and toxic micro-organisms as well as parasites;
  • chemical – presence of chemical substances causing food poisoning;
  • physical – all foreign objects;

Chemical composition of our products and its stability is systematically monitored by the Chemical Laboratory in Warsaw, which carries out and analyses all rudimentary examinations applicable for fodder industry and feed for escort and fur animals.

Chemical laboratory
Rudimentary and Applicable Examinations
01-229 Warsaw
Street Wolska 87/ 58
Telephone (22) 631 12 55
Mobile (604) 15 93 41
e-mail address: labchem@neostrada.pl

Fodder Analysis Laboratory „MIKROPASZ” offers services including microbiological analysis of fodder meals, feeds and technological sewers.

Fodder Analysis Laboratory
Street Na zapleczu 17
87-100 Toruń
Telephone/Fax (56) 659 08 19