The main goal of the economic activity of the ZPP KEMOS public company is processing of post-slaughter poultry waste materials, which are then used to manufacture meals and fodder fat.

The production process is carried out in three fully autonomic manufacturing plants, located in the area of three poultry processing plants. The aforementioned poultry processing plants include: Suwalskie Zakłady Drobiarskie Limited Liability Company in Suwałki, Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie „Drosed” Joint-Stock Company in Torun and Zakłady Drobiarsko-Mięsne „SuperDrob” Joint-Stock Company in Karczew at Warsaw.

Location in the area of poultry processing plants significantly reduces the waiting time for raw production materials to 3-4 hours, which is necessary to completely fill up the destructor chamber. Additionally, it also allows for very detailed segregation of the delivered raw production materials, which guarantees extremely high quality of our final products. The utilized raw production materials are solely poultry based since there is no possibility for our production facilities to accept other types of waste materials.

Due to very convenient geographical location of our production plants, we have become a very attractive partner for large companies owning a few processing plants located in various regions of the country. Apart from easy access, resulting in significant transportation cost reductions, having three branches guarantees continuity of deliveries even if one of the production plants is under refitting or suffers from a breakdown.

Raw materials processed in our production plants belong to low risk category number 3 and do not pose any health hazards to people or animals. Our production plants were approved by appropriate territorial and regional veterinary doctors for processing raw animal materials of low risk category number 3 and granted appropriate Veterinary Identification Numbers.

Our long-term customers include a number of well-known companies, including: Masterfoods, Cargill Poland, Sorga, Pupil Foods, Canis and several others.